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We are a division of Florida Service Engineers and have provided instrumentation sales and service to the Municipal Water Treatment Industry since 1968. We know the industry. We offer discounted Backflow Preventer Test Kits and provide Annual Calibration Certification Services for backflow gages.

Many years ago after using expensive backflow test kits, we decided to make our own. We were competing with name brands. Now we are our own name brand.

Apples to Apples
Compare a quality gage to a quality gage. We knew if we could manufacture backflow gages with equal functions and specifications as some of the ‘big name brands’ we felt we could make a descent business of it. We were right. We have been saving our customers money ever since. The only thing we do not do is charge our customers hundreds more to place our logo on our pressure gage faceplate and say we are somehow better or more accurate.

Annual Backflow certification services are a fact of any commercial business. It is an annual test to make sure the backflow preventer is functioning, preventing reverse flow if a loss of head pressure is experienced. If the preventer unit tests fine, the testor issues them a certificate passing it for the year which they turn in to the city or county.

TK-15GPaying two or three times as much for the same gages is not the first thing you should think about. Nor is sharing one gage for the whole company. Our gages are so affordable you can have one for each vehicle and/or technician. Even these expensive competitors gages are not immune to annual testing and calibration. They are not better than other gages or able to go years without the need to have an annual certificate of calibration. All gages are legally supposed to have a recent (within 12 month) annual certificate of calibration accompanying their use. This says the gage is working according to manufacturers specifications. Why pay more for the same thing if you can get the same obackflow gage for far less? Join the thousands of clients who trust Backflow Gage for your backflow prevention testing and certification needs.

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