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We offer discounted Backflow Preventer Test Kits and Annual Calibration Services for backflow gauges. is a division of Florida Service Engineers who have provided instrumentation sales and services to the Municipal Water Treatment Industry, since 1968. Many years ago, after using numerous and expensive backflow gauge test kits, we decided to make our own. The primary difference is we offer more affordable prices, with the same high-quality results. Join the thousands of others who have made the switch to a more economically-priced, accurate and reliable Backflow Gage!

Our backflow gauge is affordable, precise and works according to manufacturer’s specifications. Why pay more for a “ big name brand” gauge when you can get the same Backflow Gage for far less? Join the thousands of clients who trust Backflow Gage for your backflow prevention testing and certification needs.

All gauges are legally bound to have an annual Certificate of Calibration, accompanying their use. The annual test that offers this certification ensures that the backflow preventer is functioning and preventing reverse flow if a loss of head pressure is experienced. If the preventer unit tests fine, the testor issues the owner a certificate passing it for the year.

TK-13 Backflow Test Kit

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Annual Calibration Service for Backflow Test Gauge

$75.00 will calibrate your test gage to the original manufacturers specifications with high accuracy test equipment traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Not just our own gage, we can calibrate ANY manufacturers gage.

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    Please ship gages for calibration services to: 11261 NW 33rd St.Coral Springs, FL 33065. Do not include the case or hoses in the shipment. Please do not request a signature for delivery.

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